Wood Elf Background
   Story behind the setting

Hazard Charts:
   Forest Hazards
   Orc Army Hazards
   Underground Hazards

   Wood Elf Village
   Pine Glade
   Yew Glade
   Orc Camp
   Orc Black Market
   Dwarf Outpost
   Skaven Armoury
   Clan Skryre Armoury
   Skryre Inner Sanctum

   Savage Orcs
   Wood Elf Scouts
   Dwarf Slayers
   Skaven Clan Skryre


Hazard Chart Notes

Hazard Charts are a very important part of an Athel Loren campaign, so it is important to make a few notes to clear them up. The following notes apply to all Hazard Charts.
  1. Unless otherwise noted by a hazard roll, your warband always makes it to a shop after rolling for all hazards. This means that your warband will make it to a shop even in it looses a mini-battle, a warrior dies, or anything else bad happens. The only way that a warband will not make it to a shop is if a particular hazard directly states that your warband doesn’t make it to a shop.
  2. When a hazard says ‘hero,’ it means one of your heroes. When a hazard says ‘henchman,’ it means one member of a henchmen group. When a hazard says ‘warrior,’ it means that it is either one of your heroes or a member from a henchmen group.
  3. A mini-battle as a result of a hazard does not shorten the number of battles that a warrior has to wait before he can continue to fight again because of a result on the serious injury table. Mini-battles are not treated as normal battles except for the core rules and that which is specifically stated in the hazard description. Serious injuries are treated as normal. Do not apply the normal experience rules or roll for finding gold or artifacts after a mini-battle. Levels up are issued as normal.