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The Origin of the Wood Elves

By Teale Fristoe

In the Imperial year –4119, the first of the High Elves landed on the shores of the Old World. There to greet them were the Dwarves, ancient inhabitants of the Old World, who had already built up an underground empire there. The Elves and Dwarves lived in peace for thousands of years before the great War of the Beard broke out between the two races. After almost four hundred years of fighting, and over two thousand five hundred years of colonization, the High Elves abandoned the Old World to fight the more important threat of the Dark Elves. Some of the High Elves refused to leave the Old World and take refuge in the Forest of Athel Loren, to the South East of the future Brettonia. The Wood Elves are born.

The King and Queen of the Forest

In the winter of –1125, a huge orc army invaded Athel Loren. The Elves were helpless to stop them. As the winter passed, the Elves became more and more hopeless. Then, upon the first signs of spring, a huge creature ran through the forest, followed by a huge pack of hounds. They Elves decided that is was Kurnous, the god of the wild hunt. He rampaged through the orc camps and forced them to flee the forest. Although the scouts and mages tried to keep up with Kurnous, he was must to fast for them, and eventually disappeared. The Elves continued their search, but couldn’t find him. They eventually found the Oak of the Ages, a huge tree that had been growing since the beginning of time. When they reached this tree, a strange voice said, ‘Who summons Kurnous?’ The bravest Elves went into the tree through a crack, and found two huge figures sitting on thrones. They were Kurnous and Isha, the Earth Mother. Upon more careful inspection, the Elves discovered that the figures were actually Orion and Ariel, two young elves who were lost the fall before. They had taken aspects of Kurnous and Isha, and had become demigods. Although immortal, they died every winter and were then put into the Oak of the Ages, where they were reborn at the first signs of spring to protect their people and forest from invaders.

The Glades

The Wood Elves separated the forest into several glades, each with their own position in their society. The King Glade is located near the Oak of the Ages and is where the Wood Elves hold their council. It functions as the capital of the Forest. The Ash Groves supply spears for Glade Guards and hunting. The Meadow Glades are the only place in the forest where there is enough space to keep horses. This glade supplies Glade Riders and Chariots, which protect the forest from invaders. The Pine Glade houses many beasts, from wild cats to birds of prey, which the Wood Elves have tamed. The Pine Glades supply Warhawks and Beastmasters to the armies. The Yew Glades are scattered throughout the forest. The Yew trees make excellent bows and magic wands. All of the glades work together to form an intricate society in which, without one, the Wood Elves would be vulnerable to any attack.