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By Teale Fristoe

2358- A Wood Elf by the name of Winizel is born in the Meadow Glade.

2380- As Winizel grows older and begins to learn to ride the elven steeds and protect his forest homeland, it becomes more and more apparent that there is something wrong with his interactions with the beasts.

2401- Winizel becomes skilled enough to become a glade rider, one of the protectors of the forest. He takes several years longer than the average Elf.

2443- Winizel struggles to keep up with his fellow Elves as they defend the forest. He becomes very frustrated and curses his fellow Elves.

2476- Winizel vows to take revenge upon the Wood Elves after a stray arrow hits him while he is chasing a goblin wolf rider.

2495- After almost 20 years of trying to come up with a plan, Winizel takes part in the battle against the Lichemaster Kemmler. He is seriously injured, but is inspired by Kemmler’s genius and decides to mimic him by attacking the Wood Elves while Orion and Ariel are regenerating during the winter.

2505- Winizel finally recovers from his injury and begins to look for a partner, with a large army, to help him get his revenge against his kin.

2514- During a skirmish with some orcs who came from the Grey Moutains, Winizel meets the orc warlord Razgul and makes a deal with him. If Razgul agrees to build up a huge army and attack in the winter of 2515, he may rule the forest and reign high in the ruins of the glorious Wood Elf civilization. Of course, Razgul agreed.

2515- As planned, Razgul constructed an enormous army, with more orcs and goblins then there are even Elves in the forest. After Orion and Ariel are placed into the Oak of Ages, the army storms out of the Grey Mountains and into the Meadow Glades. Winizel distracted the Glade Riders while the army got into a good position. The orc army attacks various villages while the Elves are distracted, destroying everything in their path.