Wood Elf Background
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   New Economy Rules

Hazard Charts:
   General Notes
   Forest Hazards
   Orc Army Hazards
   Underground Hazards

   Wood Elf Village
   Pine Glade
   Yew Glade
   Orc Camp
   Orc Black Market
   Dwarf Outpost
   Skaven Armoury
   Clan Skryre Armoury
   Skryre Inner Sanctum

   Savage Orcs
   Wood Elf Scouts
   Dwarf Slayers
   Skaven Clan Skryre


The Battle of Athel Loren

Welcome to the official site of the Athel Loren alternate setting for Mordheim. Here you will find all of the rules that the mh_athelloren egroup is working on. In this alternate setting you will get the chance to play as many new warbands in all new terrain, collecting magical artifacts as you enjoy a campaign. We will soon be remodeling the web page (and the sooner the better!) but until then please enjoy the story of the setting, and a few of our warbands. Please bear in mind that (as with any project like this) everything here is a 'work in progress' - we're always looking for comments and suggestions, and some files may change reasonably regularly. Have fun!

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