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Underground Hazards

By Nick Bate

Every time you need to roll for an Underground Hazard, roll a D66 and consult the following chart:

11: Rockfall!

An earthquake far off - or perhaps even nearby - has caused a rockslide in the tunnel your warriors were using. These falling rocks have smashed into one random henchmen group that was bringing up the rear. Each member of the henchman group takes a Strength 4 hit as the rocks come crashing down on top of them. Note that the injury rolls ‘Stunned’ and ‘Knocked Down’ have no effect when received outside of a game.

12: Rat Swarm

Seconds after a squeaking sound is heard in the distance, a tide of biting, snarling fur comes hurtling into the catacomb that your warband currently occupies. Set up your warband on one short side of a 3’ by 2’ table and place 2D6 giant rats on the other side. The rats get first turn, and the warband that doesn’t rout wins. Warriors that take out individual rats don’t gain experience, but heroes and henchmen groups that don’t go out of action gain 1 experience. The rats have the following stats:

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
  6 2 0 3 3 1 4 1 4

13: Uneventful Trip

Other than an irritating dripping noise that always seemed to be coming from around the next bend, the trip is totally uneventful (and in fact, quite boring).

14: Bats

Your warband’s lanterns must have disturbed a nest of gigantic bats, who launch themselves out of an alcove at a random hero, screeching and scratching frantically. Determine which hero has been attacked, and take an Initiative test for that warrior. If the test succeeds, he manages to dive for cover before he takes too much damage. Otherwise, the poisonous fangs of the bats bite deep and he suffers a serious injury. Re-roll the results “Robbed”, “Captured” and “Sold to the Pits”.

15: Fissure

Your warband comes to a fissure running across the length of the passage you were traveling down. It is too wide to simply step across, so a warrior with a rope has to jump across to create a bridge for everyone else. Choose a hero to make the jump (henchmen aren’t getting paid enough to risk it!) and roll a D6 for the distance the warrior manages to leap. On a 4+, he has made it across successfully. Otherwise, he falls and smashes into the side of the fissure, taking a strength 5 hit before he his hauled up by his companions. Regardless of whether or not the warrior makes the jump, he still manages to embed the piton with the rope attached deep enough in the rock for the remainder of your warband to continue. Note that the injury rolls ‘Stunned’ and ‘Knocked Down’ have no effect when received outside of a game.

16: Something's Following Us...

A random henchmen group, bringing up the rear of the party, becomes convinced that they are being followed in the dark by some terrible creature. Take a fear test for that henchmen group. If the test is passed, they manage to keep their nerve. If it is failed, they flee blindly off into the dark - roll twice more on this table and apply the result to the henchmen group that has fled (a group of screaming adventurers attracts a lot of attention!). If these additional rolls require something to affect a hero, it affects one member of the henchman group instead. Note that the leader’s Leadership cannot be used for this test.

21: Booby Traps!

Your unsuspecting warband has managed to wander into an area of the underground littered with booby traps laid by its former Skaven occupants. Before they really know what is happening, massive blades swing down, and boulders start to rumble out of hidden passageways towards the warriors. Take an Initiative test for every member of your warband. Each warrior that fails suffers D3 Strength 4 hits. Note that the injury rolls ‘Stunned’ and ‘Knocked Down’ have no effect when received outside of a game.

22: Shortcut

Through a total fluke, your warband has discovered a shortcut through the catacombs. They immediately find their way to the shop they were headed for (regardless of any remaining Underground Hazard rolls). Finding a allows you to skip all remaining Underground Hazard rolls - it does not affect rolls on any other tables. On any subsequent trips to the same shop, if you can roll a 6 on a D6 you have found the passage again, and may reduce the number of rolls to be made on the Underground Hazard chart by 1.

23: Skaven Attack

Your warband has managed to accidentally wonder into a catacomb being used as a test site by the Warlock Engineers of Clan Skryre. Before you have a chance to react, you are attacked by Clanrats. Place 3D3 Clanrats on one edge of a 4’ by 4’ battlefield, and then place your warband on the opposite side. The Clanrats get first turn, and the warband that doesn’t rout wins. Warriors that take out individual Clanrats don’t gain experience, but heroes and henchmen groups that don’t go out of action gain 1 experience. The Clanrats have the following stats and are all armed with swords:

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
  5 3 3 3 3 1 4 1 5

24: Where did he go?

Looking about himself, your leader suddenly realises that the hero with the least experience in your warband has disappeared. He was there a minute ago, but now no one remembers seeing him. After much frantic searching, the missing warrior is found huddled behind a rock looking terrified. The warrior refuses to say anything about what he has seen, no matter how much he is pressed. Take a Leadership test for this warrior - if he passes, he soon recovers from his fright and suffers no adverse affects. Otherwise, he suffers from the serious injury Nervous Condition as a result of the ordeal.

25: Explosives Test

A group of dwarf miners deep in the tunnels through which you are traveling have decided to test a new explosive. Unfortunately, one of your heroes has strayed too close to the test site! Randomly determine which hero has set the charges off, and make a Toughness test. If you roll equal to or under your warrior’s toughness, he manages to shrug off the explosion. If you roll over, he suffers a serious injury. A roll of 6 always fails. Re-roll the serious injury results “Robbed”, “Captured” and “Sold to the Pits”.

26: Uneventful Trip

Despite banging your head on the low roof too many times to count (and swearing loudly every time it happened), this trip is largely free of mishap.

31: None Shall Pass!

An ancient dwarf Iron Breaker - still convinced of his duty to defend the entrances to a keep that no longer exists - refuses to let your warband pass. You have no choice but to kill him in order to continue with your journey. Determine randomly which warrior attacks the dwarf, and take a strength test for that warrior. If he succeeds, the warband may continue on its way. If he fails, then another warrior (chosen by the player, not randomly determined) may elect to challenge the dwarf. The process is then repeated, until a hero passes his strength test, or you have no heroes left. If you have no heroes left, the dwarf has managed to defend his position, and you may not reach the shop this time. Any warriors that fail their strength tests take a serious injury. You can elect at any stage to stop challenging the dwarf, in which case you cannot reach the shop just as if you had failed with all your heroes.

32: Lanterns

Suddenly, a massive gust of wind rushes down the tunnel your warband is using. All of your lanterns flicker out, and you are plunged into darkness. Unable to re-light the torches, you are forced to grope around blindly in the dark. Roll two more times on this table.

33: Adventurer Stuck in a Pit Trap

As you make your way down the corridor, you hear the cries of a warrior stuck down the bottom of a pit trap. If you elect to save the warrior, make a strength test with a hero of your choice. If the test is successful, the warrior is rescued and rewards your warband with 3D6 gold crowns. If the test is failed, you are unable to free him and must carry on your way. If this happens, treat this as an Uneventful Trip.

34: Uneventful Trip

Apart from a walk through a truly frightening cave littered with bones and smelling of blood, your trip is largely unremarkable.

35: Slave Attack

One of your heroes - forging ahead of the rest of your warband - runs into a group of Skavenslaves excavating a new tunnel. Randomly determine which hero has been attacked, and place him in the centre of a 2’ by 2’ table. D6 slaves, armed with clubs, are deployed on any table edge, and they get the first turn. Neither side will rout - their master is forcing the slaves into it, and the hero is waiting for the remainder of the warband to arrive. Whichever side takes their opponents out of action wins. The hero does not gain experience for taking individual slaves out of action, but gains 1 experience point if he is not taken out. Slaves have the following stats:

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
  5 2 2 3 3 1 4 1 4

36: Thieving Snotling

In the flickering light cast by your lanterns, you do not notice the tiny Snotling clawing at your coin purse until it is almost too late. Take an Initiative test for your leader (remembering that a 6 always fails). If the test is passed, you manage to swat the tiny creature as it makes a break for it, forcing it to drop some of the money it has stolen. Remove 2D6 gold crowns from your stores. If you fail the test, the Snotling dodges nimbly out of the way, and your warband loses 4D6 gold crowns. Note that if the amount of gold stolen exceeds the amount that you have, simply remove all of your gold.

41: Uneventful Trip

Despite a brawl nearly breaking out amongst your highly strung-out and tired troops, the voyage is largely uneventful.

42: Enraged Cave Squig

Moments after hearing the evil cackle of Night Goblins, an enraged Cave Squig comes bouncing down the corridor in the direction of your warband. No less than 2D6 of your warband’s members are chomped by the squig as it rushes past. Determine randomly who has been attacked. Each of these warriors suffers a single S4 hit. Note that the injury rolls ‘Stunned’ and ‘Knocked Down’ have no effect when received outside of a game.

43: Lava Pool

In the centre of the cavern ahead is a massive lava pool, leaving only a crumbling ledge around which your warband can walk. The extreme heat causes each member of your warband to suffer D3 S2 hits, with no armour saves possible. Warriors wearing heavy armour suffer S3 hits instead, as the metal covering their skin is heated by the pit. If any serious injury rolls are necessary, re-roll the results “Smashed Leg”, “Robbed”, “Bitter Enmity”, “Captured” and “Sold to the Pits”. Other injuries can be considered the result of collapsing due to heat stress, or damage from melted armour, clothing, etc.

44: Gigantic Spider Web

Stretched across the passageway ahead is a gigantic spider web. As your warriors begin using their weapons to hack their way through, the owner comes hurtling out of a side passage you hadn’t noticed before. The creature attacks a random hero. Take a Toughness test for the warrior attacked. If he passes, he manages to shrug off the attacks (and poison) of the spider until his companions can come to his aid. If he fails, he immediately takes a serious injury. Re-roll the results “Robbed”, “Captured” and “Sold to the Pits”

45: Secret Passage

One of your henchmen, taking practice swings at the passage walls with his club or an appropriate piece of wood accidentally discovers a secret passage. It leads to an old, abandoned guardhouse. It looks like its old occupants left in a hurry - possibly when an unexpected attack came through the tunnels. Rummaging through what remains, you manage to find 3D6 gold crowns. Add these to your treasury immediately.

46: Guide

A creature (of the appropriate race - a Skaven if yours is a Skaven warband, a Dwarf if you are Dwarfs, etc) comes out of the gloom ahead, announcing that he knows the way through the tunnels ahead. For a 2D6 gold crown fee, he volunteers to lead your warband to safety. If you pay him, treat this roll as an Uneventful Trip. If you chose not to pay him, however, he manages to smash your lanterns, plunging you into darkness. Roll two more times on this table.

51: Poisonous Fungus

Entering a massive cavern, you notice that every square inch of ground is covered by glowing fungus. After much coaxing, you manage to convince your companions that the fungus is perfectly harmless and safe to cross. Unfortunately, a random henchman manages to pass a little too close to one of the more poisonous specimens. Take a Toughness test for that henchman. If the test is failed, the henchman (just the single warrior - not his whole group) must mix the next two games as he recovers from the effects of the mushroom. Otherwise, there is no effect.

52: Pit Trap

It is the most ancient of cave traps, yet still one of the most effective. A random member of your warband, taking the lead, has triggered a pit trap. That warrior takes a S5 hit from the fall, and the length of time spent underground rescuing the warrior makes additional encounters much more likely. Roll once more on this chart. Note that the injury rolls ‘Stunned’ and ‘Knocked Down’ have no effect when received outside of a game.

53: Underground Lake

The caves underground often have small pools and watercourses all over the place. This lake is much larger than the usual pool, and its water is freezing cold. Just as you are about to pass it by, one of your warriors notices something glinting at the bottom of the water. You can choose to send one of your warriors in to have a look, but the water is extremely cold. If you choose to do this, make a Toughness test for your warrior. If you fail, the warrior misses the next two games. If you pass, roll on the following table to determine what he has found:

D6 Result Item
1 Axe
2 Sword
3 Shield
4 Light Armour
5 Lucky Charm
6 An Artifact

54: Shaky Old Bridge

Across a massive chasm ahead - much too wide for any adventurous individuals to jump - is a shaky old bridge. Its wooden planks are rotten and creak in a worrying fashion. The rope holding the whole structure together is frayed and weak. Still, you bravely forge across, and all looks well until halfway across, a plank shatters under the feet of one random hero. Take an Initiative test for that hero. If it is passed, he manages to stop himself from falling through the gap. Otherwise, he plummets down the chasm, taking a single serious injury, re-rolling the results “Bitter Enmity”, “Captured” and “Sold to the Pits”. In addition, roll again on this chart for that one warrior, representing his efforts to rejoin his warband (if he lives…). Results on this additional roll that would ordinarily affect a henchman group affects the hero instead.

55: Miners

Unfortunately for your warband, you have stumbled across a small group of Dwarf miners engaged in a ‘top secret project’, which they have been ordered to protect with their lives. Set up a 2’ by 2’ table to represent the section of cavern you have found them in. Place 2D6 miners along one edge of the table, and deploy your warband on the other. The miners get first turn, and whichever side does not rout wins. Note that the miners are armed with picks (count as double-handed axes) and follow all the usual rules for dwarfs. Warriors do not gain experience for individual dwarfs taken out of action, but do get 1 experience point each if they do not go out of action. Miners have the following profile:

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
  3 4 3 3 4 1 2 1 9

56: Uneventful Trip

Even though Heinrich (or his equivalent in your warband) insists on singing long and loudly (not to mention badly), you don’t attract any attention this time.

61: Lost in the Dark

Trips through the catacombs and tunnels underneath the Old World can be difficult for even the creatures that make the underworld their home. Your warband leader, despite countless years spent underground, has managed to get your warband totally lost. Roll twice more on this table.

62: Night Goblin Attack

Just as the caverns are home to Skaven and Dwarfs, they are also the homes of the Night Goblins. Any venture through the caves and passageways runs the risk of meeting wandering Night Goblins, doubtless searching for someone to rough up. Your warband has run into one of these bands. Place 2D6 goblins on one edge of a 2’ by 2’ table, and deploy your warband on the other side. Three-quarters of the night goblins are armed with spears, and the remainder with short bows and daggers. Night Goblins get first turn, and the warband that routs first loses. Warriors do not gain experience for taking individual goblins out of action, but do get 1 experience point each if they are still standing at the end of the scrap. Goblins have the following stats:

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
  4 2 3 3 3 1 4 1 5

63: Long Climb

Ahead of your warband is a solid wall, going up as far as your eye can see in the gloom. You have no choice by to tie yourself to other members of the warband and attempt to climb it. Halfway up, one of your henchman groups (determined randomly) loses its grip and falls. Take Strength tests for each warrior in the henchman group - if the majority pass, they manage to grab hold again and suffer no damage. If the majority fail, all of the warriors that fell are taken out of action (and must make the appropriate injury roll).

64: Skaven Assassin

Slipping silently through the darkness and shadows, a Skaven Assassin deftly manipulates the path of your warriors until 3 random heroes and 1 random henchman group have become separated from the rest of the warband. Then, it attacks with all its ferocity and skill. Set up a 2’ by 2’ table and deploy the randomly selected warriors in the middle of it (preferably in a realistic looking travelling group!). Place the Skaven Assassin in base contact with one randomly selected hero - this is who the Assassin has been sent to kill. This mini-scenario is an exception, in that experience is earned for taking the Assassin out of action, as well as for still being standing at the end of the battle. The Skaven Assassin goes first, and the battle continues until the Assassin - or all of your warriors - have been taken out of action. Rout tests are not necessary. The Assassin is armed with two weeping blades (may be used for parrying, coated in black lotus poison) and wears light armour. Its stats are as follows:

Profile M WS BS S T W I A Ld
  6 4 4 4 3 2 5 2 7

65: Uneventful Trip

Despite a desperate flight away from a massive herd of Cave Squigs, this is a totally uneventful trip.

66: Ancient Dwarf Tomb

Luck is with your warband, and you manage to find your way into a long abandoned dwarf tomb. It is here that the rulers of the ancient stronghold above (no doubt overrun by Skaven or Goblins) were buried, and there is great wealth scattered about the cavern. Roll a D6 for each item on the following chart (except the gold crowns, which you automatically get) - the number indicates the minimum you need on a D6 to find this piece of equipment.

D6 Required Items
Auto 3D6 Gold Crowns
2+ D3 Axes
3+ D3 Dwarf Axes
4+ Gromril Hammer
5+ Gromril Armour
5+ Artefact