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The Story

By Teale Fristoe

In the winter of 2515, a huge army of orcs and goblins attacked the Meadow Glade under the leadership of the orc Razgul with help from the Wood Elf Winizel. They took the Elven defenders unexpectedly, taking the Glade within a few days. The army was so huge that the entire defense of the Wood Elves could not stop them. Then, without warning, the army just stopped.

Although the Elves were relieved when the army stopped, as it could have taken the entire forest, they were not about to stop fighting. A council in the King’s Glade was held and it was decided that a full frontal assault would be suicidal and was out of the question. The council decided to send several scouting parties into the very inside of the army to see what was really going on. Most of the parties never returned.

All of the scouting parties described hordes of orcs and goblins running amuck in the forest, cutting down trees and destroying villages. One party, however, had something much more awful to report. While spying on the general of the orc army, they saw a fellow Wood Elf walk right through all of the orcs and begin to speak to the general. The Elves were disgusted. If they could not trust their own kind, who could they trust?

After this, the council decided to send small warbands into the Meadow Glade and try to recover lost artifacts. If they could get enough of these relics, they decided, they could drive off the army once Orion and Ariel awakened in the spring. They sent messengers to Brettonia and the Moot to request assistance from their allies. They also talked with the Dryads and Treemen of the forest in an attempt for more help.

The orcs are not the only threat to the Wood Elves. Since there are almost no Glade Riders guarding the forest, many of the Elves’ oldest enemies have come for revenge, treasure, or other, more foul reasons. Kemmler, who narrowly escaped the Elves in 2495, has been reported to have been raising the dead around cairns. Dwarves, who are always looking for treasure, have been seen planning attacks on scattered orcs in an attempt to find some gold. The scaven have tunnels under the forest, but have never before been allowed to surface until now. Human mercenaries have been spotted in the forest recently, most likely there to find rare artifacts for some wealthy merchant’s collection. The very creatures of Chaos, the Beastmen, have also been seen in the forest, most likely seeking a new home.

Although all of these races have gathered in the once peaceful forest, none of them has been able to make a powerful enough force to stand a chance against Razgul. They are forced to sneak in the shadows, avoiding the orcs, trying to find away to complete their quests.