Wood Elf Background
   Story behind the setting

Hazard Charts:
   General Notes
   Forest Hazards
   Orc Army Hazards
   Underground Hazards

   Wood Elf Village
   Pine Glade
   Yew Glade
   Orc Camp
   Orc Black Market
   Dwarf Outpost
   Skaven Armoury
   Clan Skryre Armoury
   Skryre Inner Sanctum

   Savage Orcs
   Wood Elf Scouts
   Dwarf Slayers
   Skaven Clan Skryre


There are plenty of great Mordheim sites out there on the web, and I couldn't hope to cover all of the places that I love to visit in one links page. So instead, I'll focus on other websites dealing with alternate settings like ours. I certainly hope you find a location that interests you either here at Athel Loren, or on one of the sites below!
Khemri - the Land of the Dead - this setting covers the lands of Khemri, a vast, parched desert populated by roving Hobgoblins, the denizens of Araby, and of course, the restless dead. Great for fans of Indiana Jones or Tomb Raider!

Lustria, Cities of Gold - Perhaps the greatest of the alternate settings, Lustria is currently being published in instalments in the Town Cryer. This is the official website for that setting, containing all sorts of material on the (steadily growing) setting based in the steamy jungles of Lustria.

Ryn Tyrr's Mordheim Archive - Currently home to a collection of rules and stories about Mordheim, the Ryn Tyrr Guild is soon to be updated. Once that has happened, it will contain archives detailing some of the alternate settings that are currently being worked on by various groups, including Lustria and Dogs of War (set in Tilea). Soon to be the on-line Mecca for alternate settings.

Archive Pestilen - Arguably the greatest site on the web for home-made rules, including an absolutely massive number of articles for Mordheim. Archive Pestilen contains details on the Realm of Chaos alternate setting - an interesting and changable place to lead a warband, and some material on Khemri. Worth a look.