Wood Elf Background
   Story behind the setting

Hazard Charts:
   General Notes
   Forest Hazards
   Orc Army Hazards
   Underground Hazards

   Wood Elf Village
   Pine Glade
   Yew Glade
   Orc Camp
   Orc Black Market
   Dwarf Outpost
   Skaven Armoury
   Clan Skryre Armoury
   Skryre Inner Sanctum

   Savage Orcs
   Wood Elf Scouts
   Dwarf Slayers
   Skaven Clan Skryre



By Teale Fristoe

Exploration procedure
  1. Roll a D6 for each hero and a D3 for each henchman that didn’t go out of action in your last game. Add one more D6 if you won the last game. Roll any extra D6s from skills and equipment.
  2. Do any other things that modify these rolls, such as adding +/-1 or re-rolling any dice.
  3. Add all of the scores together, then subtract the number of warriors in your warband, even the ones that went out of action. Roll this many D6s to see how many gold crowns you find.


Going to a Shop

After every battle, your warband may go to one shop. A shop is not actually one building, but is one community or location that sells similar items, and is called a shop for simplification. Your entire warband must go, so there’s no splitting your warriors up. Choose one shop available to your warband type, and then roll on the appropriate hazard tables an appropriate number of times. Your warband has made it to the shop.

Buying equipment

Every shop has a different supply and cost for equipment. Check the individual shop for availability and costs, then use the normal rules for buying equipment.

Recruiting henchmen

Every shop has a different amount of recruits. If you would like to buy some new recruits, you may buy as many as you’d like. However, if you would like to buy experienced troops, you have to roll on the rarity value for the troop you’d like to recruit. Roll the appropriate number of D6s, then add your scores together. You may recruit up to that many with one experience, one with that many experience, or a combination therein. For example, if you’d like to recruit troops with 3 experience and a rarity of 2D6, roll 2D6. If you scored 8, you can buy 2 since 3x2=6 and you cannot exceed 8 experience total.

Selling equipment

You may sell equipment for ˝ of the cost of the equipment in that location, even if you spent more in another location.

Recruiting Hired Swords and Dramatis Personae

You may search for up to two hired swords or one dramatis personae after every battle. When searching for hired swords or dramatis personae, roll on the appropriate hazard tables to find the character.

If you are searching for a hired sword, take an initiative test for the warrior in your warband with the highest initiative. A 6 always fails. If you pass, you found that hired sword. Pay for him and he will fight for you in your next battle.

If you are searching for a Dramatis Personae, roll a D6. If you roll a 6, you have found the character you were searching for. Pay for him and he will fight for you in the next battle.